From: Commanding Officer, USS PUEBLO (AGER-2)

Subj: Commendation
1. During the period of 23 January 1968 until 23 December 1968 you served as a member of the crew of the USS PUEBLO which was illegally seized, and following that seizure you were held in captivity by the North Korean Communists.

2. During this period you contributed greatly to the efforts of all the crew members to maintain the unity and cohesiveness of the crew. The spirit, camaraderie, and morale of the unit produced an esprit de corps which baffled and confused your North Korean captors, and became the essential bulwark against their efforts at indoctrination.

3. The continued resistance offered by you during the forced confessions, letters, and petitions demonstrated to your captors and your shipmates the highest traditions of the U. S. Navy.

4. In addition to your outstanding and continued efforts in maintaining
the spirit and morale of the crew, your success at discrediting the propaganda efforts of the North Koreans contributed in a large way to proclaiming them as fooled in the eyes of the free world.

5. I am honored to give you this letter of commendation and give you my humble thanks for all of your efforts and offer the simplest and yet highest compliment I know: It was an honor to serve with you.

6. A copy of this letter of commendation will be placed in your permanent service record to attest to the excellent job you performed while under my command.
L. M. Bucher
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Commendation Letter

Sample of the commendation letter each crewmember received from Commander Bucher