Crewmember List

This list gives the names of all personnel assigned to the USS PUEBLO AGER-2
and their rates at time of capture. Included are two honorary crew members.

CDR Lloyd Mark "Pete" Bucher, Commanding Officer  Deceased - January 28, 2004
LT Edward R. Murphy Jr., Executive Officer  El Cajon, California
LT Stephen R. Harris, Research Officer  Melrose, Massachusetts
LT(jg) F. Carl Schumacher, 1st Lieutenant, Operations Off. St. Louis, Missouri
ENS Timothy L. Harris, Supply Officer  Tombstone, Arizona
CWO-4 Gene Lacy, Engineering Officer  Kenmore, Washington

Chief Petty Officers

CTMCS Ralph D. Bouden  Yuma, Arizona
ENC Monroe O. Goldman  Deceased May 3, 2006
CTTC James F. Kell (TAD from Kamiseya, Japan)  Chula Vista, California

First Class Petty Officers
CT1 Don E. Bailey (TAD from Kamiseya, Japan)  Portland, Indiana
HM1 Herman P. Baldridge  Chula Vista, California
CT1 Michael T. Barrett  Deceased March 14, 2013
EN1 Rushel J. Blansett  Oak Hills, California
YN1 Armando Canales  Deceased - March 20, 2009
SK1 Policarpo Polla "PP" Garcia  Oxnard, California
CT1 Francis J. Ginther  Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
EMI Gerald W. Hagenson  Deceased - November 4, 1988
BM1 Norbert J. Klepac  Lewisville, Texas
QM1 Charles B. Law  Deceased - September 25, 2001
CT1 James D. Layton  Gulf Breeze, Florida
PH1 Lawrence W. Mack  Desceased - March 1, 2003
CT1 Donald R. Peppard  El Paso, Texas
CT1 David L. Ritter (TAD from Kamiseya, Japan)  Hanford, California
EN1 William D. "Scabbie" Scarborough  Deceased - February 26, 1970
CT1 James A. Shepard  Lady Lake, Florida

Second Class Petty Officers
CT2 Michael W. Alexander  Deceased - April 20, 1994
CT2 Wayne D. Anderson  Waycross, Georgia
BM2 Ronald L. Berens  Belle Plains, Kansas
SGT Robert J. Chicca, USMC (TAD from Kamiseya, Japan)  Bonita, California
IC2 Victor D. Escamilla  Lubbock, Texas
SGT Robert J. Hammond, USMC (TAD from Kamiseya, Japan)  Campton, New Hampshire
RM2 Lee R. Hayes  Columbus, Ohio
CT2 Peter M. Langenberg  South Pasadena, California
SM2 Wendell G. Leach  Deceased - June 5, 1998
CS2 Harry Lewis   Deceased - September 23, 2009

CT2 Donald R. McClarren  Boiling Springs, PA
ET2 Clifford C. Nolte  Menlo, Iowa (last known )
CT2 Charles R. "Joe" Sterling  Desceased - November 21, 2002
GM2 Kenneth R. Wadley  Woodburn, Oregon Deceased - November 21, 2013

CT2 Elton A. Wood  Spokane, Washington

Third Class Petty Officers
CT3 Charles W. Ayling  Roanoke, Virginia
CT3 Paul D. Brusnahan  Trenton, New Jersey
BM3 Willie C. Bussell  Suffolk, Virginia
RM3 Charles H. Crandell  Forsyth, Missouri
CT3 Bradley R. Crowe  Newport, Vermont

CT3 Rodney H. Duke  Collins, Mississippi
CT3 Joseph Fejfar  Kansas City, Missouri (stricken, illness before sailing)
CT3 John W. Grant  Portland, Maine
CT3 Sydney (Jerry) Karnes  Deceased - May 25, 2011
CT3 Earl M. Kisler  Canby, Oregon
CT3 Anthony A. Lamantia  Laurel, Maryland
CT3 Ralph McClintock Jericho, Vermont (TAD Kamiseya - replaced Joe Fejfar) 
QM3 Alvin H. Plucker  Ft. Lupton, Colorado
CS3 Ralph E. Reed  Duncannnon, Pennsylvania
CT3 Steven J. Robin  Deceased - July 29, 2008
CT3 John A. Shilling  Mantua, Ohio
CT3 Angelo S. Strano  Greensville, Texas
EN3 Darrel D. Wright  Alma, West Virginia

Steward Rogelio P. Abelon  Mountlake Terrace, Washington
Steward Rizalino L. Aluague  National City, California
Fireman Richard E. Arnold  Sebastapol, California
Fireman Richard I. Bame  Manchester, Michigan
Fireman Peter M. "Milt" Bandera  Shingle Springs, California
Fireman Howard E. Bland  Deceased - July 25, 1992
Seaman Stephen P. Ellis  Henderson, Nevada
Fireman John C. Higgins  Deceased January 8, 2011
Seaman Robert W. Hill Jr  Orange Park, Florida
Fireman Duane Hodges  Deceased - January 23, 1968
Seaman Roy J. Maggard  Deceased - May 27, 1994
Seaman Larry J. Marshall  Deceased - April 8, 2015
Fireman Thomas W. Massie  Roscoe, Illinois
Fireman John A. Mitchell  Kneeland, California
Fireman Michael A. O'Bannon  Newberg, Oregon
Seaman Earl R. Phares  Ontario, California
Seaman Dale E. Rigby  Ivins, Utah
Seaman Richard J. Rogala  Sarasota, Florida
Seaman Ramon Rosales  El Paso, Texas
Seaman Edward S. "Stu" Russell  Eureka, California
Seaman John R. Shingleton  San Ramon, California
Fireman Norman W. Spear  Windham, Maine
Fireman Larry E. Strickland  Warner Springs, California
Fireman Steven E. Woelk  Basehor, Kansas

Civilian Oceanographers
Harry Iredale, III (TAD from the Naval Oceanographic Office)  Fairfax Station, Virginia
Dunnie R. Tuck, Jr. (TAD from the Naval Oceanographic Office)  Carriere, Mississippi

Honorary Crew Members
Marcee (Rethwish) Gregory  Winchester, Oregon
Ralph Hostetter  Elkton, Maryland
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The USS PUEBLO AGER-2 crew, January 1969
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Service for Duane Hodges at Kimpo Airfield December 24, 1968
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