General Gilbert H. Woodward - for bearing through the grueling negotiations with the North Koreans at Panmumjon.  Thank you for extending your tour as chief Allied negotiator to see the negotiations to fruition.

Eleanor Leonard -The wife of the State Dept. Korea country chief James Leonard. As her husband toiled over a way to sign an agreement that would satisfy North Korea without admitting any US guilt Eleanor simply said "If you make it clear beforehand, that your signature is on a false document, well, then you remove the deception." There was born the overwrite clause that satisfied the Koreans thereby releasing the crew.

The ROADRUNNERS   The OXCART pilots who hung it all out. Especially to pilot Jack Weeks (Dutch 29) for finding PUEBLO. From the US Navy - Bravo Zulu to you all.

Dan Rae, WBZ-TV, WBZ-Radio - For his support beginning in 1969, his great help with the POW medals and his continuing support of the PUEBLO crew.

RADM Greg Slavonic (ret) - A good friend and great supporter of the PUEBLO crew.

Eleanor Kinney - One of the sponsors of a Boat Parade in San Diego, in September 1968 which consisted of 120 boats displaying "Remember the Pueblo" banners.

PUEBLO Friends

In Gratitude
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Mr. Dan Hearn
Dan is an original friend of PUEBLO. Dan was present at PUEBLO's birth in Bremerton, WA. Our deep gratitude for his work in making the POW Medal presentation in 1990 such a memorable event for the crew. For his work to establish a Pueblo memorial display in the National Cryptographic Museum. For his loyalty to the men who take on the mission.
Allen & Jean Hemphill
For keeping public awareness of our captivity alive. Allen wrote while Jean gave speeches. They authored newspaper articles, appeared on talk shows and met with Congressmen to keep the plight of PUEBLO alive.
What does commitment mean?
Eternal Patrol
A Career Built on SIGINT
Admiral Edwin M. Rosenberg
Admiral Rosenberg was in charge of the PUEBLO crew's transfer from captivity to Balboa Naval Hospital - For his support. Admiral Rosenberg was very helpful and was present with Pete Bucher at the early press conferences and met the press and stated " I have the utmost admiration for Captain Bucher and his crew ...they are tremendous representatives of America."
Marcee Rethwish
She dedicated herself to keeping people of San Diego aware of the Pueblo and worked for government action to free the ship and the crew. Marcee spent all her free time and baby sitting money on her cause. She organized public prayer meetings in PUEBLO's behalf.
William "Bill" Scherle
Bill, as a member of Congress from Iowa, kept our plight alive by entering into the congressional record the number of days we had been held in captivity and sponsoring Remember the Pueblo sessions.
Nickoulas Mavroulas    James Slattery
These Congressmen held a hearing on why the Navy had neglected to include PUEBLO crewmen on the official POW list. At that hearing Navy representatives apologized saying it was a "clerical error." On May 5, 1990 a ceremony was held in San Diego, CA where the Navy officially presented POW medals to all crewmembers.
The citizens of Pueblo, Colorado - For their enduring support, hospitality and generosity. And especially to Bob Rawlings publisher of the Pueblo Chieftain for the many years of always REMEBERing the PUEBLO.
(See, Oct.3, 2010 Bob Rawlings correspondence with Jimmy Carter regarding USS PUEBLO)
PUEBLO crewmember, Duane Hodges gravesite is maintained, on a voluntary basis, by retired US Army Sergeant Paul Schreiber and his wife Sue.
Thank you both so very much.
Duane Hodges grave site
Andrew "Drew" Shaw
Drew, with VA Secretary Eric K. Shinseki (right)

Drew has been a great friend of USS PUEBLO crewmembers since we first met in 2001. Along with another DAV National Service Officer, Drew attended our Pueblo, CO reunion. Drew's help in dealing with the Veterans Administration health care system has been very much appreciated. A former United States Marine, Drew is an advocate for all former service members needing help. Drew is presently Senior Appellate Representative with Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA.)
Drew's 2010 PUEBLO Reunion T-Shirt at PVA headquarters
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Bob Rawlings  August 3, 1924 - March 24, 2017  Obituary
Bob Rawlings August 3, 1924 - March 24, 2017