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The crew of the USS PUEBLO would like to hear from persons who were in any way involved with the Pueblo Incident. We would especially like to hear from those who have information about our ship's conversion at Bremerton, the first mission for PUEBLO and it's operation planning, the North Korean attack on PUEBLO, the USS ENTERPRISE  CVN-65 task force assembled off Wonsan, our captivity in North Korea and the Naval Court of Inquiry.

If you served on the USS BANNER (AGER-1) or USS PALM BEACH (AGER-3) and would like to share a tale, or two, we will be very pleased to hear from you. If you served in the AGTR program in the 1960s we would be proud to hear from you.   Remember AGTR-5

If you are researching the Pueblo Incident, or have valuable information to help this site become a better  historical resource, please assist us. If you have a question about the "Incident" please, just ask us.

Also, please forgive us as memories have faded with time. We would love to hear from you folks that met us at the DMZ, who cared for us at the 121st Evac Hospital, the Air Force crews on those fantastic C-141 Starlifter flights, the Midway Island staff and the great personnel at the "Pink Palace" in San Diego, California USA.

Information for contacting our Associaton officers is on the PUEBLO Veterans page.
Thank you.
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We welcome your remarks and comments on our website. For students we would be happy to answer any questions you may have concerning the "PUEBLO Incident"