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MP3 format
(provided by Rose Bucher)
by "Red River Dave" McEnery
by Bob Terry
PUEBLO memorial coin(provided by Harry Iredale)
Oil painting of PUEBLO
by Pete Bucher
USS PUEBLO ashtray
These ashtrays were ordered prior to the ship departing Yokosuka on January 5.
They were distributed to the crew on
December 25, 1968 in San Diego.
(provided by Harry Iredale)
USS PUEBLO ships plaque
These plaques are identical to the original made by the Navy supply ship based in Long Beach in 1967. When the PUEBLO crew were released the ship's crew found they still had the master mold so they went to work. In February 1969
John Wayne, Pat Boone, Johnnie Grant and the Golddiger Dancers held a very special "private" party for the crew where they presented each man with this very unique gift.
Bronze ashtray presented to each
PUEBLO crewman to commemorate
the release and their stay at the
121st Evacuation Hospital ASCOM, KOREA
It is available at the
Ship's Store
Pueblo Rescue Patch
In 1968, the USS Ticonderoga (CV-14) was stationed off the coast of Vietnam. On board was VA-195, along with several other squadrons. The officers and enlisted men were enraged with the capture of the USS Pueblo (AGER-2) off the coast of North Korea. The entire military establishment felt this way, but several of the officers of the USS Ticonderoga wanted to express their anger by making a military patch, and organizing the
USS Pueblo Recovery Team.

Provided by Richard E. Armstrong