The Pueblo Display was prepared by Jack E. Ingram, curator and
historian for the National Cryptologic Museum.
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"The main reason we have this [display] is to honor the service
and sacrifice of the men involved [in the Pueblo Incident] and to
remind people that cryptology can be a dangerous business."
Patrick Weadon, National Security Agency. public affairs officer.

The USS PUEBLO (AGER-2) display is the result of a dedicated
campaign spearheaded by Mr. Dan Hearn. Dan is the former
Vice President and General Manager of the Greenville Division
of Texas Engineering and Manufacturing Company (TEMCO)
where he was involved in configuring various air and seaborne
reconnaissance platforms with SIGINT capabilities.
Dan had a personal hand in outfitting Pueblo.

Dan personally feels the plight of U. S. Servicemen who suffered in the service of their country. "I decided to do all I could to honor the sacrifices made by U. S. servicemen. The P.O.W. medal award ceremony for the crew of the USS PUEBLO in San Diego in May 1990 compelled me and my friends to focus our energies in this direction. Before the ceremony, I learned that many of the members of the crew could not afford to bring their families to San Diego and many others were in such dire straits that they themselves would have difficulty financing the trip. The crew of the USS PUEBLO was at long last being welcomed home. Because I felt that our brave men deserved more support, I led the drive to organize the Intelligence Scholarship Foundation. The purpose of the Intel/Recce fund is to honor the personal of all services who served and, in some cases, sacrificed their lives on Cold War reconnaissance missions. We are now working to raise money to offer educational scholarships to deserving members of the families of the lost crews and other personnel, and to memorialize air, sea and land missions and personnel."

The USS PUEBLO memorial is credited to Dan's tenacity and sense of purpose.
Well done, Mr. Hearn. The PUEBLO crew owes you a debt of gratitude.

by Don Peppard, President USS PUEBLO Veterans Association
National Security Agency  Museum
The National Cryptologic Museum
September 7, 2005

USS PUEBLO display
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Mr. Dan Hearn, Director Intel Recce Fund
(l to r) Harry Iredale, Skip Schumacher, Tom Massie, Steve Harris