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CDR Lloyd Mark "Pete" Bucher USN
Commander Lloyd Mark "Pete" Bucher, submariner.
Who was Pete Bucher? Pete passed away 8:35 pm on January 28, 2004. CDR Allen P. Hemphill (ret) submariner, shipmate and friend most eloquently describes commitment and "Pete Bucher," submariner.

On Eternal Patrol
Editor's note: During the 20th anniversary reunion in San Diego a number of Pete's former submarine shipmates came to say hello. One man stands out to me. He stayed in the back, too afraid or timid to approach Bucher. On the third day of the reunion I saw him standing, again off to the side. I approached him and asked why he was there? He told me he was "a former submarine shipmate of CDR Bucher. He did not think Bucher would remember him but he just had to be there. I grabbed him by the arm and led him toward Bucher. Pete looked at the man and instantly said "Shorty, is that you? You're Shorty .............!" Pete hugged the man and went into a long introduction for all within ear shot on how, Shorty came to be called Shorty....!
Pete Bucher obituary (AP)
View from Rosecrans National Cemetary looking out over San Diego harbor, Coronado and the Strand
PUEBLO Veterans
(photo by Allen Hemphill)
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