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1985 Reunion
April 19 - 22, 1985
MGM Grand Hotel & Casino
Las Vegas, Nevada
Richard and Janet Arnold
Don and Elma Bailey
Peter 'Milt' and Janie Bandera
Russ and Eleanor Blansett
Paul Brusnahan and Mother
L. M. "Pete" and Rose Bucher
Robert Chicca and Suzanne Patton
P P and Myda Garcia
Monroe and Pat Goldman
Tim and Linda Harris and Christina
Bob and Bonnie Hill
Harry Iredale and Jackie Stewart (friend)
James and Pat Kell
Norbert and Helen Klepac
Harry and Carolyn Lewis
Roy and Betty Maggard
Ralph and Terri McClintock
John and Shelly Mitchell
Mike and Kay O'Bannon
Don and Irene Peppard
Earl and Donna Phares
Alvin and Jeanie Plucker
Dale and Julie Rigby
Rick Rogala
Stu and Sharon Russell
Skip and Andy Schumacher
Jim and Irmi Shepard
John A. Shilling
Angelo Strano
Larry Strickland
Friar and Vie Tuck
Steve and Kathy Woelk
Darrel and Pat Wright

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