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42nd Anniversary Reunion
Sept. 9 - 11, 2010
Red Lion Inn
Eureka, California

Roger & Lita Abelon
Richard Arnold
Don Bailey & Linda Smith (daughter)
Milt and Janie Bandera
Rose Bucher & Mike (son)
Robert & Vanessa Chicca
Brad Crowe & Karyn Crowe (daughter)
Joe & Jan Fejfar
P P and Myda Garcia
Steve & Beth Harris
Harry & Dawn Iredale
Jim & Pat Kell
Tony Lamantia & Linda Smith
Tom Massie & Eileen Massie (mom)
Ralph and Terri McClintock
John and Souk Mitchell
Ed & Carol Murphy
Don and Irene Peppard
Earl and Donna Phares
Alvin and Jeanie Plucker
Dale and Julie Rigby
David Ritter & Sarah (daughter)
Stu & Sharon Russell
Skip & Andy Schumacher, John & Irene Schumacher (son & daughter)
Andrew Shaw (PVA)
Dunnie "Friar" and Vie Tuc

Special Guests

Andrew Shaw
Paralyzed Veterans of America

Paul Schreiber
Caretaker of Duane Hodges's grave

Richard A. Mobley
Author  Flashpoint North Korea

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A Highland Salute!
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