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US Navy film on the crew's return
Using Official photos taken after crews repatriation PH2 Keith Bentley produced this film from the hundreds of photos that were taken of the return.
2000 CNN Story - PUEBLO in Pyongyang (This story was produced after the Clinton Administration allowed the North Koreas to move PUEBLO a thousand miles in international waters, around the Korean peninsula from Wonsan to Pyongyang)
ABC News Story on the year 1968
Diane Sawyer interviews CDR Bucher
Bucher's Bastards, the video
by Murray Kisler
Murray composed this poem in September 1968
while in the North Korean prison camp.
See BUCHER's BASTARDS web page
National Archives - analysis of
North Korean "Proof" of intrusions.
Section 1
(Classified Secret, this video was produced in Jan. 1969. It was not declassified until the mid 2000's.)
Video & Sound Clips
NBC Today show  1968 Reports - The 20th anniversary of the attack on the USS PUEBLO. Jane Pauley interviews CDR Bucher.
KFMB-TV 20th anniversary series KFMB-TV produced a series of news segment on how the ordeal affected San Diego area crewmembers. This is segment one.
CNN January 22, 1988 news story
The 20th anniversary of the PUEBLO INCIDENT
Clark Clifford, Secretary of Defense
Testimony before Congress on PUEBLO
April or May 1968
News Video of the return to the US
of the USS PUEBLO crew.
December 24, 1968
2010  NK film the "PUEBLO Incident." A  DVD  sold on the dock in Pyongyang, North Korea
PUEBLO crew leaves South Korea for return to the United States.
December 24, 1968 (In color & CDR Bucher remarks)
POW Medal Presentation - News Footage
May 5, 1990 San Diego, CA
POW Medal Presentation
Crew receiving medals
LM Bucher
News Story from Polish TV of the "International Press Conference" with PUEBLO crew in North Korea September 1968.  Narration in Polish
BBC World Service program Witness
The Capture of the USS PUEBLO   Broadcast January 3, 2012
USS PUEBLO crew crossing
Bridge of No Return
(shot by Swiss Army
officer on duty at DMZ with the UN Command)
Download Bridge of No Return MP4
Internment service for Frederic Carl "Skip" Schumacher" May 22, 2018