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USS BANNER AGER-1   May 1968
three months after PUEBLO was attacked & seized
CTs training on newly installed 20mm guns
source: Images from Rick Juergens (former CTR2)

AGER program post PUEBLO Incident

On recommedations contained in the report of the Naval Court of Inquiry into the seizure
of USS PUEBLO the following occurred:

1.      A destruction system for SOD HUT equipment was installed.
2.      A ship scuttling system was added.
3.      Dual 20mm gun mounts were added to replace the two 50cal. machine guns.
(editor's note: The armament change was done in mid 1968 long before the return of the PUEBLO crew
or the Court of Inquiry recommendations
Court of Inquiry Admirals
visit USS PALM BEACH refitted
with 2 twin  20mm gun mounts
(official USN photo) March 1968
US sea going SIGINT/ELINT collection vessels
A number of studies were undertaken by the US Administration, DOD and the US Navy into the benefits versus the costs to maintain and protect AGER ships. By the end of 1969 both USS BANNER (AGER-1) AND USS PALM BEACH (AGER-3) were stricken from service. The larger AGTR program was also struck within two years. Intelligence collection duties would be performed by regular US Navy combatant vessels.

The North Korean downing of the EC-121 PARPRO flight on April 15, 1969 also was cause for more studies to see if deficiencies uncovered by the PUEBLO investigation had been corrected. They had not!
(Richard A. Mobley  "Flash Point North Korea)

One AGER class ship remains in active service USS PUEBLO (AGER-2)