121st Evac Hospital, ASCOM Korea
Home at Last
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Service for shipmate Duane Hodges
121st Evac. Hospital Chapel  ASCOM South Korea
On December 24 the crew honored Duane Hodges at a memorial service in the 121st Evac. chapel. After the service they boarded two US Air Force Starlifter C-141 aircraft for the flight to the United States.

During a refueling stop at 3:00 A. M. on Midway Island, "USA soil - we are home." The crew was  greeted by Admiral John Hyland, CINCPACFLT, as heroes. All were treated to a meal of
burgers and french fries in the Midway mess hall.
US 8th Army patch
121st Evacuation Hospital patch
Rich Arnold checks out his new
US Navy nuclear submaine service outfit.
Medical exams were first on the agenda.
Chief Goldman talks with the doctor
while the cameras grind away.
Gene Lacy gets examined.
"Let's see, ribs - protruding, check!"
PP Garcia is examined by a 121st doctor
"But doc, can I get some sleep?"
Roy Hayes can't believe it!
I have to choose my meal?
Steak, chicken or fish!
What, no rice, no sewer trout?
Editors note:
To all the doctors, medics, nurses and support personnel at the 121st Evacuation Hospital may I add a very sincere thank you for what you did for us.  You will never be forgotten.
Editor's note:
It was so great to see all of you folks out at 3AM to welcome us to US SOIL. BRAVO ZULU to all of you.