I know that many of you were moved to tears with the news that the Dear Leader has left us.  Some of you may have expressed your feelings with other types of movements.  For me the news was the final On the Spot Guidance from Dear Leader that showed me how to find the words to express my feelings.

Oh dear, the Dear Leader is gone.

What words to praise, how to paean

The man who stood ten feet tall

On platform shoes from a Paris mall?

What will become of the DPRK

Without the firm grip of his hairspray?

Those designer shades that concealed his eyes

Fooled the West and undid its lies.

No imperialist stooge could best his brain

As it zipped around in an armored train.

He used On the Spot Guidance with dexterity

To spare his people the curse of prosperity.

Gone, on the wings of a Chollima he flew

To join Great Leader squatting on the loo.

There awaits a new Hustler still in its wrapper.

With a final flush of the Juche crapper

Dear Leader sends his bounty to adoring masses

Who give thanks with a feast of twigs and grasses.

In the hearts of all, he shall remain number one,

Unless more fun is to come with Kim Jung Un.

So long, Dear Leader, just one nit to pick.

Why did the end have to come so quick?

Please keep this confidential as I would not want it to harm my future chances of getting a visa to visit Dear Leaderís tomb.

s / D. Ho
Ode on Learning New of Dear Leader’s Passing
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