There was considerable controversy within the country because of the Vietnam War and the handling of the Pueblo Incident by our civilian and military leaders only added to the turmoil. Unfortunately, the lack of forthright, sympathetic communications between the government representatives and the families and friends concerned about the plight of the Pueblo crew made it seem as if our government was uncaring and doing little to obtain the release of the Pueblo crew.

Many family members, friends and those sympathetic to the cause, including naval personnel and congressmen, began various campaigns to keep the Pueblo incident alive, in the news and to apply pressure upon the government to resolve this matter. The San Diego Union published a box with the number of days the Pueblo crew had been in captivity and frequently published related articles.

Some said these efforts only prolonged the crew's detention as it supplied the North Korean's with additional propaganda. This may be true, but to finally secure the crew's release, the U. S. did, as far as the North Korean authorities were concerned and had demanded since the beginning, apologize for the "intrusions" into North Korean territorial waters (which were never committed).

So in retrospect, one could claim the Pueblo crew remained in North Korea 10 more months than it should have and sustained unnecessary psychological distress, beatings, torture and malnutrition because of of what - government obstinacy?

The Remember the Pueblo Committee was formed to keep the plight of the PUEBLO crew in the public's senses and to apply pressure upon the government to obtain the release of the crew. The committee received over 25,000 letters from citizens around the country, of which a very commanding majority were sympathetic. Committee members did their best to respond to everyone, except the few crackpot letters. Jean Hemphill and Rose Bucher made speaking engagements to help their cause - action by the government to secure the release of the PUEBLO crew.
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the REMEMBER the PUEBLO committee
Members read and reply to letters offering support.
Provided by Rose Bucher
Allen & Jean Hemphill
Rose Bucher and the mail
Rose on the nationally syndicated Mike Douglas Show
Cartoon from the Los Angeles Times
provided by Rose Bucher
Rose at a rally in San Diego July 4, 1968 with Richard Brady, chairman of the Release the Pueblo Committee and Mrs Vance Dewey
Sgt. Mike Cartoons from 1968