Pueblo Salute July 28, 1968


 "I have not forgotten the Pueblo and its valiant crew who, like all our servicemen have taken an oath to defend the United States. Neither have I forgotten their wives and families and the heavy burden of sorrow and despair they, too have carried for the past 182 days. My sympathy goes out to them, and I join with millions of our fellow countrymen in praying for the safe return of their loved ones. On this anniversary, we need to reassure them--and the world--that the Pueblo and its men have not been forgotten--and will not be forgotten--that we will not rest until they are home again…

"Next Sunday, July 28 let us show our true colors. Fly your flag for the Pueblo-- , for our servicemen everywhere. Fly your flag for freedom."

 Congresswoman Reid of Illinois

    (Congressional Record, July 22, 1968)